Broskit Cooking 2013

Late July we had probably our only cookout of 2013. The cookout was planned and executed to perfection. ¬†We had a 14lb brisket marinated overnight in the fridge with a drunk dri/wet rub combination, 2 slabs of St. Louis Style ribs- rubbed memphis style, and chicken breast. We had plenty of beer to wash the meal down with. The cookout revitalized mimosa, and through the later months more posts should make their way to the website. Anyways check out the pictures and remanence on what it was and what you missed out on if you weren’t there.

supmike copyIMG_1121IMG_1010Smoked out not choked out



seanmike9484338862_d9ce271468_hrosschadesConner9481735955_d15f9e92a2_o9484592916_9fc02e8d99_oslip and slide